Welcome to lai, a command line program to store notes and keep then synchronized between multiple computers. The idea is to keep your commands, shortcuts, snippets and anything you want to have on hand at the console. You can also share notes with others.

Download the lai client at github.


Store a note

$ lai add 'grep -R <pattern> --include \*.txt <dir>'


$ lai search grep
1: grep -R <pattern> --include \*.txt <dir>

Share with others

$ lai edit 1 --public

Sync with server

$ lai sync

Search in public notes

$ lai search --server grep
5015d7273042976dc5000230: egrep -w 'word1|word2' /path/to/file
5015d7363042976dc500031b: grep -i ps ~/.bash* | grep -v history

Copy from server

$ lai copy --server 5015d7273042976dc5000230


You can download and set your own lai server or use the public lai server.

Whatever the chosen server, just login with your Google account and add a public key with a name to identify it. When configure the client use your email and the pub key name to authenticate against the server.

lai is free software.